Welcome to beste.dk - Thomas Albrecht-Beste

Welcome to beste.dk - Thomas Albrecht-Beste

Software development and technical architecture with passion, experience, and honesty

Thomas Albrecht-Beste

Established in 1999 as TB Consult, Beste.dk represents over three decades of my dedication and expertise in software development on the Microsoft platform.

I have been working in software development since 1997, mastering the fields of security, infrastructure, development, testing, and reporting. My experience spans working within large financial institutions, in Denmark, Great Britain, the USA, and Canada.

Development Practices

Domain-Driven Design & Event-Driven Architecture

At the heart of my methodology lies Domain-Driven Design (DDD), focusing on deeply understanding business requirements to align software solutions closely with business objectives. Integrated with Event-Driven Architecture, this approach facilitates responsive, scalable, and collaborative systems, adaptable to future changes and growth.

Test-Driven Development & Testing

Integrating Test-Driven Development (TDD), my development process ensures every piece of code is validated from the outset. This approach is augmented by thorough integration and performance testing, verifying seamless operation among system components and maintaining high performance under various conditions. This strategy ensures the delivery of robust, efficient, and high-quality software that adheres to strict quality and reliability standards.

Scalability, Containerization & Cloud

Scalability is paramount in today’s dynamic markets. I employ containerization technologies such as Docker and orchestration tools like Kubernetes to ensure applications are resilient, easily scalable, and efficiently deployed across cloud environments. Leveraging the power of Azure, I architect solutions that are both flexible and cost-effective, ready to evolve with your business needs.

Security, Infrastructure & Analysis

In the development process, ensuring the security and integrity of data and infrastructure is a top priority. I conduct comprehensive security analyses and adhere to best practices in infrastructure management, creating robust systems designed to protect against modern threats. Through meticulous analysis and proactive security measures, I ensure that your solutions are not only effective but also secure from the ground up.

Specialized Expertise

Regulatory Reporting: GDPR, MiFID, SAF-T, and More

My approach to regulatory reporting is rooted in a deep understanding of GDPR, MiFID, SAF-T, and other compliance frameworks. I develop systems that not only meet these regulatory requirements but also ensure that they integrate seamlessly with existing processes, thereby safeguarding data and maintaining operational efficiency.

CRM and Customer Journey Optimization

At the heart of every successful business is an understanding of the customer journey. I specialize in CRM solutions that enhance customer interaction, streamline sales processes, and improve customer satisfaction. My goal is to create engaging customer journeys that foster loyalty and drive growth.

Security: Certificates, Digital Signing, OAuth

Security is paramount in the digital age. My expertise encompasses a wide range of security concepts, including the management of digital certificates, implementation of digital signing, and OAuth protocols. These practices ensure that your systems are secure, reliable, and trustworthy.

Infrastructure & Communication: Messaging and Microservices

I design and implement robust messaging infrastructures and microservices architectures that facilitate seamless communication using events. This enables systems to be more scalable, resilient, and adaptable to change, promoting efficient operation and integration across diverse platforms.

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